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INFOLOG HMS – Simplifying Haulage

Improve the efficiency and profitability of your haulage business with the INFOLOG Haulage Management System. INFOLOG HMS is designed specifically for short-haul Container/ISO Tank trucking operations.

Offered as a module of the INFOLOG Logistics suite our HMS can be used in conjunction with our other applications or as a stand-alone application. Our easy to use software and simplified processes mean improved productivity for all areas of haulage management.


Key features:

  • Planning & dispatch
  • Customer order entry and management
  • Free day and detention monitoring
  • Order tracking
  • Activity based billing
  • Driver pay and incentive calculation
  • Exception notification
  • Driver management
  • Asset management including trailers, chassis and containers
  • Voyage & vessel information tracking
  • Electronic signature capture for POD
  • Electronic document management
  • Business intelligence dashboard

INFOLOG’s included billing and invoicing tools will increase your haulage revenue. Combine our ability to monitor and manage free days and demurrage and reduce detention costs mean improved profitability of your haulage operations with INFOLOG HMS.

Contact us today for details on how INFOLOG HMS can simplify and improve the profitability your haulage operations.